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December Is The Perfect Time To Get A New Job!

Happy December 1st Everyone!

Did you know that over the holidays is one of the best times to start searching for a new job? Most job seekers make the mistake of being complacent and putting off looking for a new job until the first of the year. Meanwhile, the competition has already gotten the job that you really wanted.

There are two reasons for this. First, many hiring managers have hiring budgets they have to use before the year ends, or they lose a chance to add to their staff.

The second reason is most executives are back in town since year-end meetings are over making it easier for all decision makers in the interview process to convene and conduct interviews faster so that they can have someone in place to start by January.

So in-between all of holidays parties, shopping, etc...take a look at your resume and make sure it is market-ready for you to start taking massive action and apply to jobs! If your resume needs to be updated, we help you get it ready quickly. And for those of you that don't know what you want to do next or be when you grow up, our career coaches can help you, too!

Wishing all of you Happy Holidays! Let's finish this year out strong so that you have a new job as your Christmas present!

Rev Up With Networking and Referral Partners by Patti Keating, Entrepreneur Unleashed


Power Networking

13 Strategies for Building Connection

1. Have a pre-game plan and a goal for each event

• Establish the number of people you want to talk to prior to attending the event

• Watch the news 30 minutes prior to the event so that you are up on the latest local, state and

national information

• Prepare your wardrobe

• Practice your greeting in the mirror

• Walk with confidence

• Develop Executive Presence

• Listen to inspiring music before you arrive

• Imagine yourself being powerful as you walk into the room


I will talk with 10 people, exchange business cards with 5 people, and I will schedule a lunch or breakfast

with at least 2 people.

2. Develop a strong opening line


Good Morning. I would like to introduce myself. My name is and I'm with (The name of your company.)

2. Practice your handshake

• Firm not crushing

• Extend your right hand to meet the other person's right hand

• Extend your hand first

• Grasp the hand firmly and squeeze gently once. Remember that limp handshakes are a big turn-off

• Hold the handshake for 2 to 3 seconds

• Pump the hand up and down 2-3 times to show sincerity

4. Dress for success


• Solid color, conservative suit

• Coordinated blouse

• Moderate shoes

• Limited jewelry

• Neat, professional hairstyle

• Tan or light hosiery

• Sparse make-up & perfume

• Manicured nails

• Portfolio or briefcase

• Bold scarf for impact

• Or what is appropriate for your industry


• Solid color, conservative suit

• White long sleeve shirt

• Conservative tie or bold/novelty tie for impact

• Dark socks, professional shoes

• Very limited jewelry

• Neat, professional hairstyle

• Go easy on the aftershave/cologne

• Neatly trimmed nails

• Portfolio or briefcase

5. Develop an effective and memorable introduction

• Hello. My name is John Smith, and I am an attorney who works with high-risk physicians who never

want to be sued for malpractice.

• Hello. My name is Susan James. I am a chiropractor who specializes in helping golfers with back

problems live pain free.

• Hello. My name is Bill Parker. I am a real estate broker who helps homebuyers find the home of

their dreams.

(All introductions are edgy, yet they deliver a solution to a problem. People will raise their eyebrow

in curiosity, yet they will remember you.)

6. Do your homework on the event

• Call the director of the event in advance to find out the key details

• Visit the website of the sponsoring organization

• Request a copy of the annual plan or basic business plan

• Ask your friends, family and colleagues what they know about the organization

7. Design a list of conversation questions


• What brought you to this event?

• This seems like a lively group. How long have you been a member?

• Do you live in the area?

• Tell me a little bit about what you do?

• Do you have children?

• What local activities have you found to be interesting?

8. Arrive early

It is best to arrive about five minutes early to a networking event so that you can check out the room

and to meet the coordinator of the event. Look at the room to consider where people might hang out

(other than the food table).

9. Work the room

• Be assertive

• Extend your hand for a handshake first

• Know what you want (relationship building is the key here. If you are meeting people simply to get

clients, you will be viewed as someone who takes?not who gives to others).

• Be curious. Ask questions of other people. People love to talk about their own lives.

• Curb the desperation and listen. If you appear desperate for clients, people will not want to work

with you.

• Avoid bragging and talking about your own successes. People don?t care how much you know until

they know how much you care.

• Look for opportunities to join additional groups and organizations whose interests match your own.

• Practice third party networking (you introduce 2 people who will have something in common).

10. Introduce yourself to the speaker or contact individual for the event

Even the speaker and the main contact are nervous. Take the time to introduce yourself and find out how

you can be of assistance.

11. Schedule at least 3 one-on-one meetings during the event

It is important to qualify your one on one meetings, meaning that you want appointments with people

who understand the power of networking and who may have access to a larger network of people who

want your services. If you make an appointment with someone who only wants your business with no

intention of sending leads, the partnership will never work.

12. Develop an exit strategy

Create a list of statements you will use in order to move from one conversation to the next.

• I so enjoyed talking with you and learning about your business. Enjoy the rest of the


• It was great meeting you. I would love the opportunity to continue our discussion over lunch.

• Excuse me please. There is someone I need to speak with before she leaves. I enjoyed spending

time with you, and I look forward to seeing you at the next networking event.

13. Follow-up with the most interesting people through:

• Thank-you notes

• E-mail

• Telephone calls

• One on one appointments

• Packets sent by mail

• Remember always have something to invite people to attend




Networking Action Planner




Name of Event: ___________________________

Date: ___________________________________

Before you attend a networking event, answer the following questions:

What is your pre-game plan and goal for this networking event?

What is your opening line?

On a scale of 1-10, how effective is your handshake?

On a scale of 1-10, how professional is your wardrobe?

How effective is your introduction?

What are 3 things you know about the organization hosting the event?

What are 3 topics of conversation you will use during the event?

What time will you arrive to the event?

How many people do you want to meet?

How many people do you want to follow up with?

What is your plan for following up with people after the event?

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